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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Make food your Medicine.. Choose Herbalife!!

Hye u olls! Well… sorry coz dah lame sgt dah xupdate blog ni… i`ve been very…very…  bz lately…. Xsempat nak bernafas pon.. * hiperbola… First of all, I have to apologize if this entry is too long.. But trust me. It worth reading.. ;)

Ok. I just want  to share something that I have learned from a talkshow that I recently had watched. Basically the topic was about health. And to be specific, about diabetic people. You know lah kan… I kan guna Herbalife… The good news is that.. I am getting more aware of what ive been consuming each and every day…  Knowing that Herbalife Formula 1 containing all the nutrients, vitamins, fibre, healthy proteins that our body need for a day, plus with the differences yg I rse after not even a month using this amazing product, I became eager to improve my lifestyle and to change my food intake. And I am proud to say that I wish I can also change other people life by getting them to love their body more and to care about what they eat. Amin….
Back to the topic of the talkshow..The conversation is between a medical doctor, a nutritionist, and a diebetic patient. Its not that I didn’t know about the fact that Malaysians are mostly obese, and I am positive that you guys pon tau kan? Kan? But maybe this is the time to change. U tak boleh ubah seseorang without you, yourself change first. Knowing the fact that Diabetes is a silent killer and the main factor is that obesity was really scare me off… Because there are 2 catagories for Diabetes which are type 1, where the patient get it since they were a kid which was passed to them genetically and another one is type 2 Diabetes where the patient get this when they are adults. Most of them only realize that they are having Diabetes only when it is too late. And the fact  that had flushed the adrenaline in me is that… my grandmother is a diabetic patient, with high blood pressure and my abah pon ade kencing manis. So, the chance for me to be killed by this silent killer is obviously there. But the doctor did mentioned that one good thing about Diabetes is that it is reversible in a way that the patient must make over their their lifestyle. Exercise more and change your eating habit and make your food your medicine. Or otherwise, esok bangun2 pagi je tgk2.. satu jari kaki dah biru… nak ke?? Kalau tak sayang diri sendiri pon, think about your love ones. They need you to start them.. Make yourself the heart of your family… they depend on you to lead on a healthy lifestyle..

After using Herbalife, Alhamdulillah… sikit demi sikit, I dah nampak perubahan dalam family i… Abah dah mula sedar yang cholesterol die tinggi, and dia skarang dah guna Omega 3.. my untie, yang juge ade kencing manis dan obese, dah mula gunakan Herbalife, xsampai 3 hari, dah turun 1 kg, anak gadis dia, yg sebelum ni mmg xkesah langsung psal berat badan, juga dah ambil Formula one lepas tengok body I yg semakin reshape ( turun 2 kg dlm mase 2 minggu) * I Nampak dia usha2. HAHAHAHAHA , and now she is on her diet with me couching her.. J  Adik I pond ah start tanye2 ape yang sihat and ape yg tak sihat every time nak makan… my mum pond ah mula nak minum air banyak2… I bersyukur sangat2 sebab at least I dah buat org2 yg I sayang mula pentingkan kesihatan.. I harap entry akan buat u olls mula sedar akan pentingnye penjagaan dalaman… U are what u eat kan?? Beauty comes from the inside… And I strongly believe that Being beautiful is being healthy J Thank you Allah! Thank you Herbalife..

p/s: 2 bulan tak makan nasi, badan terasa ringan sangat… I ganti dengan mihun sebab doctor kata.. mihun lebih sihat sebab kandungan carbohydrate lebih rendah… jadi lebih kurang glucose.. bila takde lebihan glucose, maka takde lah lemak…. J and energy I dapat dari formula 1 dan teamix…

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