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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Make food your Medicine.. Choose Herbalife!!

Hye u olls! Well… sorry coz dah lame sgt dah xupdate blog ni… i`ve been very…very…  bz lately…. Xsempat nak bernafas pon.. * hiperbola… First of all, I have to apologize if this entry is too long.. But trust me. It worth reading.. ;)

Ok. I just want  to share something that I have learned from a talkshow that I recently had watched. Basically the topic was about health. And to be specific, about diabetic people. You know lah kan… I kan guna Herbalife… The good news is that.. I am getting more aware of what ive been consuming each and every day…  Knowing that Herbalife Formula 1 containing all the nutrients, vitamins, fibre, healthy proteins that our body need for a day, plus with the differences yg I rse after not even a month using this amazing product, I became eager to improve my lifestyle and to change my food intake. And I am proud to say that I wish I can also change other people life by getting them to love their body more and to care about what they eat. Amin….
Back to the topic of the talkshow..The conversation is between a medical doctor, a nutritionist, and a diebetic patient. Its not that I didn’t know about the fact that Malaysians are mostly obese, and I am positive that you guys pon tau kan? Kan? But maybe this is the time to change. U tak boleh ubah seseorang without you, yourself change first. Knowing the fact that Diabetes is a silent killer and the main factor is that obesity was really scare me off… Because there are 2 catagories for Diabetes which are type 1, where the patient get it since they were a kid which was passed to them genetically and another one is type 2 Diabetes where the patient get this when they are adults. Most of them only realize that they are having Diabetes only when it is too late. And the fact  that had flushed the adrenaline in me is that… my grandmother is a diabetic patient, with high blood pressure and my abah pon ade kencing manis. So, the chance for me to be killed by this silent killer is obviously there. But the doctor did mentioned that one good thing about Diabetes is that it is reversible in a way that the patient must make over their their lifestyle. Exercise more and change your eating habit and make your food your medicine. Or otherwise, esok bangun2 pagi je tgk2.. satu jari kaki dah biru… nak ke?? Kalau tak sayang diri sendiri pon, think about your love ones. They need you to start them.. Make yourself the heart of your family… they depend on you to lead on a healthy lifestyle..

After using Herbalife, Alhamdulillah… sikit demi sikit, I dah nampak perubahan dalam family i… Abah dah mula sedar yang cholesterol die tinggi, and dia skarang dah guna Omega 3.. my untie, yang juge ade kencing manis dan obese, dah mula gunakan Herbalife, xsampai 3 hari, dah turun 1 kg, anak gadis dia, yg sebelum ni mmg xkesah langsung psal berat badan, juga dah ambil Formula one lepas tengok body I yg semakin reshape ( turun 2 kg dlm mase 2 minggu) * I Nampak dia usha2. HAHAHAHAHA , and now she is on her diet with me couching her.. J  Adik I pond ah start tanye2 ape yang sihat and ape yg tak sihat every time nak makan… my mum pond ah mula nak minum air banyak2… I bersyukur sangat2 sebab at least I dah buat org2 yg I sayang mula pentingkan kesihatan.. I harap entry akan buat u olls mula sedar akan pentingnye penjagaan dalaman… U are what u eat kan?? Beauty comes from the inside… And I strongly believe that Being beautiful is being healthy J Thank you Allah! Thank you Herbalife..

p/s: 2 bulan tak makan nasi, badan terasa ringan sangat… I ganti dengan mihun sebab doctor kata.. mihun lebih sihat sebab kandungan carbohydrate lebih rendah… jadi lebih kurang glucose.. bila takde lebihan glucose, maka takde lah lemak…. J and energy I dapat dari formula 1 dan teamix…

Monday, 30 April 2012

asthma, sinuses, allergies,acne, pregnancy


herbalife does not claim to cure any specific disease, but as its provide cellular nutrition to your body, you might be surprise of what it can do.. We call it THE POWER OF NUTRITION eveything ur body need is all found in Herbalife.. SO WHY WAIT?! Lets generate HEALTHY LIFESTYLE EVERYONE. Ngeeeeeeehehehehe ok stop. Focus semua!!
            *Mengarut sorang2 sepertinye ade org yang sedang membacanye pun..

1) Lets see.. does anyone have ALLERGIES, ASTHMA, SINUS,HEADACHES jangan malu2 angkat tngan semua.. satu dua tiga, sepuluh ribu.. ohh ramai rupenye.. xpe2.. relax2..

Sami Botelho- Seattle, WA, USA 

In 1997 I had a knee injury at work that put me on crutches for 7 months. With the inactivity, I gained 40-50 lbs. I already had many years of chronic sinus problems. Suddenly I started having difficulty breathing...just getting a full breath became problematic for me. Doctor's diagnosis - adult onset Asthma, due primarily to a large and rapid weight gain from an incapacitating knee injury. Over the next few months, I was given a series of steroid medications and inhalers to try to find the best relief: asthmacort, albuterol, beconase, ventolin - all of which gave me some relief, but had horrid side-effects. When I started Herbalife's Ultimate program for weight loss, added Herbal Aloe Drink for digestive health, and Schizandra Plus for overall health, I noticed after a few days that I didn't have to take the inhaler as much and I could breathe easier for longer periods of time. Within a month I was completely off the inhaler and other sinus and allergy medications I'd been on forever. Now, almost four years later, I've only had 3 asthma attacks (triggered by others' smoking) - instead of 3 daily! - and continue to be medication free! (And, I moved to Seattle in Nov 2001 where everyone complains of sinus and allergy problems, and I DON'T!!!) Thank you Herbalife!

Haa Nampak tu Nampak.. kalau ade yang rasenye nk tahu lah kisah ni benar ke atau rupe rupenye sebenarnye antara skrip untuk sinetron di tv3?? Haa boleh bertanye sendiri kepada beliau.. tu ade siap bg email lagi.. jgn bg email cinta sudah ye anok2

2)NEXT! Sape yang ade msalah ACNE, JERAGAT, JERAWAT, JERAGAT sume boleh angkat tangn.. *eh macam masalah wa je nie..

Acne Results, Asthma (2/24/2003)
Valerie Morris - Kingston, Jamaica, Jamaica 

My name is Valerie Morris, before Herbalife I was overweight, asthmatic for over 30 years and had terrible acne scarring. I went on the Quick Start Weight loss programme, rose ox and schizandra plus, herbal aloe drink and florafibre. I added some awesome Dermajetics Skin care products to that.In 4 months I lost over 26 lbs, 6 dress sizes, all my allergies, threw away my prescription asthma medication, discovered I no longer needed to wear glasses...... but THE MOST amazing thing for me was THE SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT IN MY SKIN! I absolutely love Herbalife products! Herbalife will continue to be 'my way of life'!      

Yeee terima kaseh kerana sudi berkongsi pengalaman anda cik Valerie..  memang satu sharing yang sangat berguna..

3)Up next on starworld..its SHELLEYS PREGNANCY STORY *
eh cam dekat astro plak..

Shelley's Pregnancy Story (5/16/2002)
shelley Nicol - Brandon, Manitoba, CanadaHi! My name is Shelley Nicol and I’m from Brandon,Manitoba Canada.Before Herbalife I was 25lbs. overweight, suffered from daily chronic headaches, frequent migraines, depression and irregular menstrual cycles which all added up to using fertility drugs to get pregnant with our first two children and suffering through two miserable pregnancies.Our family life was controlled by my body’s ups and downs!!!Within two weeks of being on the Herbalife Ultimate Program I lost 10lbs and went on to 20lbs in 6 weeks, which was great. The really awesome part is that within a week my daily chronic headaches were a thing of the past, I haven’t had a single migraine in the 11 months I’ve been on the products, my depression lifted more in the first 4 weeks on the products than it had in the previous 4 months andafter 10 weeks on the products we got pregnant with our third child naturally. After a healthy pregnancy we gave birth on July 17th 2002 to a healthy baby boy.

Cukup sahaja tiga stories yang amazing untuk kali ini. Semoga kita Malaysian boleh sama2 sehat : Again Herbalife does not claim to cure any specific disease and this stories are based on testimonials. Please do consult your doctor for more information.

Thank you Herbalife!.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Hidup sihat dengan Herbalife!!!

Assalamualaikum.... Hye u olls!! kakak2.. adik2.. makcik2.. pakcik2.. Ape khabar?? Sihat?? Alhamdulillah... I nak ucapkan tahniah sebab dgn keputusan u olls nak baca entry i ni, u olls actually dah melangkah 1 step pertama untuk hidup sihat.. yeaaayyyyyyyyy!!!! ( tepuk tangan same2 ngn i ) :D

Harini i xnak cite psal diet plan i.. I nak update lmbt2 sket psal diet plan i.. bia u olls sume tertanye2 brape i brjaye trunkan nt... baru suprise!! kan? kan? haha. Ok. Maybe u olls sume masih ragu2 tentang Herbalife ni kan? Maybe ade yg 1st time dengar... or maybe ade yg pernah dengar tp xberani nak try... So harini I akn explain briefly psal Herbalife sbb i pon jap g dah nak masuk kerja... hehe

Actually Herbalife ni dah 32 tahu beroperasi dan menjalankan misi-misi utk bawa semua umat-umat manusia yg pantang tgk makanan.. main sebat je semua.. hahaha! *gurau :P.. Basically Herbalife ialah sebuah syarikat nutrisi yang mengeluarkan product kesihatan dengan formula2 hebat dan genius bagi menggantikan makanan seharian kita dengan makanan yg seimbang. Kalau u olls ikut entry2 before ni yg i membebel psal Formula 1 ( bukan sepang circuit tu bang.... tu lain k... ), Formula 3, teamix, aloevera tu... tu lah dia antara makanan-makanan gantian yg seimbang tu.... di samping memberi jaminan penurunan berat badan 3-5kg dalam masa sebulan, Herbalife dengan formula2 tu semua juga dapat menolong badan2 kita utk menjadi lebih sihat, penyakit2 pon boleh dielakkan... Sbb tu... ramai org2 kencing manis, sakit buah pinggang, sakit putus cinta.. (ehhh???!) yang ambil Herbalife utk membaikpulih kesihatan dorg... tp Herbalife tak pernah buat pengumuman dekat dewan2 sekolah, pasar2 borong, jauh sekali dewan parlimen yang sape2 yg mkn Herbalife ni confirm baik segala penyakit u olls.. NONONONO baby NONONONO dont lie~ ( nyanyi sket) hahaha.. Sbb kan. Cube korg pejam mate... duduk bersila, n bukak hati luas2...n pk dlm2 , ape yg i ckp ni k... First of all, Herbalife ni mkanan gantian seimbang... ok. Dr sini, cube korg pk lg.. selalu kalau pakar2 nutrisi , even cikgu sekolah pon biase ckp ape?? amalan pemakanan seimbang dapat menjamin tubuh badan yg sihat.... btol kan? hahhhhh.... jgn tipu... baik ngaku.. hahaha.. So, kalau u olls dah mkn formula2 Herbalife ni... confirm2 lah badan korg sihat... kalau badan sihat... InsyaAllah xde lah penyakitnye... unless kalau korg sendiri yg carik penyakit.. hahaha.. :P Lg satu nak habaq mai kat hangpa... Herbalife bg balik tau duit hangpa kalau kata satni.. hangpa dah nala punya dok diet.. buat tu buat ni suma xjadi... tp kena ikut la kata coach semua.. Coach?? Ni apabenda plak coach2 ni?? Hahaha. Ni la special nya Herbalife... ada system coaching... sbut btul2 makcik, pakcik... bkan kuaci lah... coaching. ok? haha. Every purchaser akn dpt 1 coach.. (untungla kalau coach anda tu hensem2 or comey2 cam kwn i Dayang Farzana Nabila. ehh! :P)  Coach ni akn pantau semua aktiviti u olls.. pemakanan u olls... berapa penurunan u olls.. n akn share lah ape2 utk korg dpt result yg bagus.. best kan?? So, cube lah korg pk sendiri.. Sesebuah syarikat terutamanya syarikat pengeluaran produk pemakanan kesihatan tak kan berani nak bg money back guarantee kalau syarikat tu xyakin produk die mampu memberi hasil kepada pengguna. Kan? kan?  Ape tunggu lg tu.... dah boleh bukak mata dah... ( serious u olls tutup mata td?? camane u olls bace??? haha) ooo... xckup yakin lg?? ok2.. xpe2... xdehal.. byk lg nak cite...

Halal ke product ni??

Haaaaa... ni nak cite ni... Herbalife mmg xde Halal dr JAKIM sbb formula2 hebat Herbalife ni dibuat dlm makmal dekat UCLA ( University of California, Los Angeles. So.. Halal Herbalife diakui oleh Jabatan Pengeluaran Halal Islam di USA. Kalau dah halal kat US... Halal lah jugak kat mane2 pon.. procedure pengeluaran Halal tu bukan ikut kepala yg mana boleh ikut suka kucing angkat sedara kucing dorg... Hahaha. Semuanya mesti lah ikut syariat2 Islam... Lgpon... Produk2 Herbalife 100%.. ingat ye.. 100% dari sumber tumbuhan.. xde lansung berasaskan haiwan.. xkire lah haiwan halal ke xhalal.. ok? puas hati?? Kalau xpuas hati pasal halal, non halal ni lg.. jom ikut i ke Customers` Day Herbalifei.. ramai org Islam yg terdiri dari doktor perubatan sendiri pon ade yg boleh jelaskan dgn lebih dalam lg tau.. Eh. I sambung lg nt ye.... cekidaut2!!. :)




Be healthy PLEASE!



no ure not cool being too skinny. no!


dont want to exercise but dare to dream.. this is so like ME!




hello!! its LEO MESSI official herbalifer


oooww so cute


Monday, 9 April 2012

misi 6kg with herbalife..

Hye!!! thenks u olls coz sudi tgk2 entry i ni... so apa khabar??? sihat??? ohhh... i tak.. i am a Herbalifer.. so i LUAR BIASA SIHAT!!! :D

So i nak update ngn u olls sume diet plan i pd hari ke-2 i start minum shake. Sorry lmbt sket update.. baru dpt cuti harini... hehe

7 April 2012

Harini i keje shift noon, so i bgn awl n siap2 g gym.. Sebelum jd Herbalifer lg i mmg dah amalkan exercise sbb bdan i xse sihat kalau xkeluar peluh.. habes semua family i kena pakse dgn i ikut g jogging.. Alhamdulilah.. mama, untie, n cousin i yg mmg liat ( lebih liat dr lepat liat) nak keluarkan peluh tu pon dah mula ikut mama die g exercise. I lah yg pling happy skali.. hehe :)). Ok. So... dulu, b4 amik Herbalife, i g gym mmg xkan bwk air.. So mmg semput lah berjam-jam kat situ n berat i pon biase2 je.. xnaik, xtrun. maintain je... Lpas diperkenalkan dgn Herbalife oleh member i ni.. i mule sedar the importance of consuming enough plain water needed by our body for each and every day. System badan kite mmg memerlukan air yg cukup untuk memproses segala yg kita ambil.. dgn air, semua toksin dpt dikeluarkan... n pembakaran lemak dpt dijalankan dengan lebih sempurna... same goes to our digestion process.. kalau xtuggang air... mcm mane lah perut tu nak flat mcm Megan Fox... hehe.. So, sejak tu.. i pon mule minum air at least 4 Litre per day. Mule2 mmg rse mcm nak muntah air, tp InsyaAllah.. alah bisa kan tegal biasa... kan?? Tp Herbalife kan luar biasa.. so mane boleh bwk air biasa2 ja.. kena la mix air kosong tu dgn teamix.. baru lebih bertenaga.. I boleh spend g byk masa dkt gym without feeling dizzy.. Peluh pon keluar lg byk... Maybe sbb Teamix ni mmg utk naikkan metabolic rate... so that boleh bakar lg byk lemak dlm bdn... So kalau nt bila u olls dah try teamix.. ketiak tu asyik berpeluh je.. u olls tau la kan.. tu xlain x bkn kerja teamix lah tu... hahaha!


mcm biasa.. 300ml plain water ( tp i suke gne air sejuk) + 2 scoop strawberry shake powder and 1 scoop chocolate shake powder.. yummy bak hang!! :D.. Then i amik 1 bottlecap of aloevera.. ( aloevera ni kalau boleh amik lg byk lg bgus.. same jgak dgn teamix... amik la smpai lebam pon sbb xkan ade side effect.. ini mmg dah clinical proven ye u olls... bkn i suke2 ckp.. xcaye? xcaye? xcaye sudah. Nama kau bedah. :p) Then i akn cube habiskan 2 litre air seblum masuk keja sbb nt senang i boleh buang air siap2 kat rmh.. xpayah nak berkejar2 keluar masuk toilet kat tmpt keja nun...


Coach i ckp patutnye i kena amik byk protein like ikan, tempe, soya... except for chicken and meat sbb 2 benda ni, eventho ade byk protein, die punye trans fat pon tinggi. So, xelok la.. i kan dlm weight lose program... So, i amik 1 pack groundnut... xnk lah ckp jenama apa.. nt kena bayar pula... hahaha! n 1 whole green apple... Mesti u olls ckp.. WTF??? kenyang ke?? Well, tu lah gunenye jgak teamix.. bole tahan lapar okeyy.. hebat kan?? LUAR BIASA HEBAT!!! Xlupe juge... minum air kosong 4 litre lg.. Hamek kau! 10 kali ulang alik p toilet nun.. naseb bos i mmg dah fhm care org Herbalife ni.. Toilet mmg dah jd umah ke-2.. Hahaha.. sbb die pon ade member amik Herbalife... 

( Herbalife is everywhere)..


mlm2 ni kdg2 i dugaan sket.. suke craving bnde bukan2.. chocolate lg lahh... i mmg hantu.. tp naseb baik i ade coach and partner yg boleh ketuk pale i sket.. That is what Herbalife is all about.. Teamwork is a key to success. :) So, i bolehlah taha diri.. kalau teringat chocolate je... trus pk harga kena byr shake, teamix, n aloevera, confirm telan air liur n xjadi nak mkn chocolate.. tu lah juge hikmahnye harge Herbalife yg agak mahal tu.. Kite boleh lebih serius consume.. Plus.. Heyyyyy... Product ni mmg berkesan keyyyyyhh... Tp kalau u olls ni degil xnak ikut cara pemakanan.. hmmm.. xdapek la nak nolong.. haha.. Eh. Lupe plak.. ni menu mlm i ye..

300ml cold water + 3 scoop of chocolate shake powder blend with 1/2 of green apple which was yummy..
500ml cold water + 1 bottlecap of aloevera
500ml cold water + 1 teaspoon of teamix...

p/s : Dlm segala hal.. Istiqamah itu penting ye kwn2... :)



FORMULA 3 so what is it??

Formula 3 memberi anda protein yang mencukupi. tiada lemak, gula karbohidrat, kolestrol atau garam atau pewarna atau perisa.. SEMUANYA NATURAL!.. jadi ape fungsi F3 adalah untuk menguatkan otot2 badan, haaa nanti bole hade six pack terusss... jadi dengan adanya protein ini akan mengelakkan kebuluran atau kelaparan bagi anda anda yang gemar makan, bila kurang makan ape lagi LOSE WEIGHT LAH!!... Tahukah anda makan unhealthy snack in between meals adalah PUNCA UTAMA yang mengagalkan misi nak lose weight ini. So dengan mengambil F3 kita akan rasa kenyang lebih lama so takde lah terniat dan terdetik pon nak kunyah2 mumie monster lagi2 apollo.. sapelah tu asyik makan Apollo* kisah benar. Selain itu produk ni memang ESSENTIAL UNTUK ATHLETE! sebab ape? sebab F3 akan membantu untuk replace damaged muscle cells dan increase number of cells.. FAHAM?? jadi janganlah terkejut badak kalau anda ttbe ade six pack pastu tangan dah ade muscle2.. waahh!! untuk perempuan tak lah eh.. dia Cuma shape up je. Selalunye orang makan F1 dengan F3 supaya lebih efektif dan result pon KEBABOOMMM!!

alaaaa x leh tengok sebab melanggar etika.. so kalau korang nak tengok jugak click link ini :

itulah saje tentang Formula 3, so next kita akan cakap pula tentang TEAMIX, yang rasenye ala2 chinese tea gitu... yang akan membuatkan anda hyperaktif dan cergas!!!!

My current diet plan...Fifi entries misi 6 kilo!

6th April 2012

7.30 am : - a bottle cup of aloevera + 500ml of cold water
               - 1 teaspoon of teamix + 500ml of cold water.

          Then, i went to the gym. Jogging2 lalala atas treadmill tu smbil dah bayang2 dlm kepala " camane lah agaknye kalau dah trun 6 kg nt kan?". Makin terbayang, makin laju lari. hehe.. Every once in a while, i selang- selikan dengan minum teamix and 2 litre yg i bwk td.. Kejap2 ade org masuk mesti nak jeling kat botol air i yg besar gedabak tu... makin syiokkkk i tunggang. haha.

8.30 am : - 300ml of cold water + 2 tablespoon of strawberry shake and 1 tablespoon of chocolate shake.
                ( the coolest part about herbalife is that, besides being a healthy form of food intake, the Formula
                 1 shake is also delicious with many other flavours) :)

1.00 pm : roti bakar 1 keping and telur rebus. * telur rebus ni ade byk protein yg bagus utk org yg tgh diet)

3.00 pm : 1 biji green apple.

I biasakan dri minum teamix byk2 sbb teamix ni disamping menaikkan metabolic rate ( utk pembakaran lemak, boleh jugak menahan perut drp lapar)

7.30 pm : 500ml cold water + a bottlecap of aloevera
              : 500ml of cold water + teamix
              : 300 ml of cold water + 3 table spoon of chocolate shake powder.

p/s : apa yg paling penting, kesungguhan dan berterusan... :)