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Monday, 30 April 2012

asthma, sinuses, allergies,acne, pregnancy


herbalife does not claim to cure any specific disease, but as its provide cellular nutrition to your body, you might be surprise of what it can do.. We call it THE POWER OF NUTRITION eveything ur body need is all found in Herbalife.. SO WHY WAIT?! Lets generate HEALTHY LIFESTYLE EVERYONE. Ngeeeeeeehehehehe ok stop. Focus semua!!
            *Mengarut sorang2 sepertinye ade org yang sedang membacanye pun..

1) Lets see.. does anyone have ALLERGIES, ASTHMA, SINUS,HEADACHES jangan malu2 angkat tngan semua.. satu dua tiga, sepuluh ribu.. ohh ramai rupenye.. xpe2.. relax2..

Sami Botelho- Seattle, WA, USA 

In 1997 I had a knee injury at work that put me on crutches for 7 months. With the inactivity, I gained 40-50 lbs. I already had many years of chronic sinus problems. Suddenly I started having difficulty breathing...just getting a full breath became problematic for me. Doctor's diagnosis - adult onset Asthma, due primarily to a large and rapid weight gain from an incapacitating knee injury. Over the next few months, I was given a series of steroid medications and inhalers to try to find the best relief: asthmacort, albuterol, beconase, ventolin - all of which gave me some relief, but had horrid side-effects. When I started Herbalife's Ultimate program for weight loss, added Herbal Aloe Drink for digestive health, and Schizandra Plus for overall health, I noticed after a few days that I didn't have to take the inhaler as much and I could breathe easier for longer periods of time. Within a month I was completely off the inhaler and other sinus and allergy medications I'd been on forever. Now, almost four years later, I've only had 3 asthma attacks (triggered by others' smoking) - instead of 3 daily! - and continue to be medication free! (And, I moved to Seattle in Nov 2001 where everyone complains of sinus and allergy problems, and I DON'T!!!) Thank you Herbalife!

Haa Nampak tu Nampak.. kalau ade yang rasenye nk tahu lah kisah ni benar ke atau rupe rupenye sebenarnye antara skrip untuk sinetron di tv3?? Haa boleh bertanye sendiri kepada beliau.. tu ade siap bg email lagi.. jgn bg email cinta sudah ye anok2

2)NEXT! Sape yang ade msalah ACNE, JERAGAT, JERAWAT, JERAGAT sume boleh angkat tangn.. *eh macam masalah wa je nie..

Acne Results, Asthma (2/24/2003)
Valerie Morris - Kingston, Jamaica, Jamaica 

My name is Valerie Morris, before Herbalife I was overweight, asthmatic for over 30 years and had terrible acne scarring. I went on the Quick Start Weight loss programme, rose ox and schizandra plus, herbal aloe drink and florafibre. I added some awesome Dermajetics Skin care products to that.In 4 months I lost over 26 lbs, 6 dress sizes, all my allergies, threw away my prescription asthma medication, discovered I no longer needed to wear glasses...... but THE MOST amazing thing for me was THE SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT IN MY SKIN! I absolutely love Herbalife products! Herbalife will continue to be 'my way of life'!      

Yeee terima kaseh kerana sudi berkongsi pengalaman anda cik Valerie..  memang satu sharing yang sangat berguna..

3)Up next on starworld..its SHELLEYS PREGNANCY STORY *
eh cam dekat astro plak..

Shelley's Pregnancy Story (5/16/2002)
shelley Nicol - Brandon, Manitoba, CanadaHi! My name is Shelley Nicol and I’m from Brandon,Manitoba Canada.Before Herbalife I was 25lbs. overweight, suffered from daily chronic headaches, frequent migraines, depression and irregular menstrual cycles which all added up to using fertility drugs to get pregnant with our first two children and suffering through two miserable pregnancies.Our family life was controlled by my body’s ups and downs!!!Within two weeks of being on the Herbalife Ultimate Program I lost 10lbs and went on to 20lbs in 6 weeks, which was great. The really awesome part is that within a week my daily chronic headaches were a thing of the past, I haven’t had a single migraine in the 11 months I’ve been on the products, my depression lifted more in the first 4 weeks on the products than it had in the previous 4 months andafter 10 weeks on the products we got pregnant with our third child naturally. After a healthy pregnancy we gave birth on July 17th 2002 to a healthy baby boy.

Cukup sahaja tiga stories yang amazing untuk kali ini. Semoga kita Malaysian boleh sama2 sehat : Again Herbalife does not claim to cure any specific disease and this stories are based on testimonials. Please do consult your doctor for more information.

Thank you Herbalife!.

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